Love WILL Trump Hate

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Late last night I couldn't sleep so I ended up watching Nightline on ABC. The first story was none other than Donald Trump. This guy managed to soak up the media cycle for this past week. I did not think that Mr. Trump's campaign can get more ridiculous but it has & I have a feeling there is plenty more to come. He offended just about every other race but white. I understand he has no filter but does he even know what he is saying?

I'm not the least surprised when the Access Hollywood tape was released. I already knew this guy was a slithering creep. With his vulgar words & horrible details about what he was trying to do with the model, I threw up a little bit in my mouth. Damn there promoting sexual harassment too the world. Of course more allegations have come up since this tape was released last week.
Trump decided to defend himself at a recent rally, stating because of her physical appearance, he could have not touched her in the past. Wow. Really?! He also blamed the Clinton campaign & the media for releasing the tape. The same media he loves to use to his advantage.Well, Donald. You still said those things eleven years ago. All of a sudden the media is out to get him. Give me a break.

Not once has Mr. Trump talked about how he will find a solution to the real issues in America. Yes, he wants to make Make America Great Again. How? His campaign has yet to lay out a solid plan for Education reform, Foreign Policy, or even Taxes.

Everytime I see this guy on T.V. , he is always saying something nasty or hateful. Even worse is how his supporters are acting at his rallies. Earlier this year I noticed the fights at his rallies & negative signs in the air. Last night on Nightline, I had seen a supporter dressed up like Trump from head to toe. Some supporters were yelling at the camera. Pointing, spitting & saying hateful things. I even noticed some nasty signs some were holding up. One sign "White Women 4 Trump" another reading 'Build A Wall/Send them Back!". Just ridiculous.

I was not surprised. Just disappointed. America is better than what these people are showing at his rallies. Trump is a sideshow, a character, not a leader. WE have the power to change the narrative despite his stronghold on the news cycle.

I'm a firm believer in Good prevailing over Evil. I believe in a better outcome, a better future, a better America without him as President. We owe it to ourselves to strive for greatness. That starts with being a good person & work together in building a better, loving country. We should not settle for anything but also hate speech cannot be tolerated. We should lead by example & rise above the hatred. LOVE WILL ALWAYS TRUMP HATE. 

#LoveTrumpsHate #Imwithher

Shaundell Newsome Jr.


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