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Damn. We lost a great actor yesterday.

Thomas Mikal "Tommy" Ford


I heard the news of his passing yesterday but it did not register until today. I grew up in the 90's & black sitcoms were definitely an influence in our household. Martin was one of those shows we sat & watched together as a family. Never missed one episode of Martin & the gang on T.V.. Within his posse were Tommy & Cole. Cole has a brain of a peanut & Tommy is his sensible buddy that has an invisible job. I loved it when they would always allude to the fact that Tommy ain't got no job! Loved every season & every minute.

Tommy gave us so many great memories from the Parkers to Class Act. I will miss you terribly Tommy. 

Rest In Peace Brother.

Here is a funny clip with Martin Lawrence & Tommy Ford

#riptommyford  #aintgotnojob

Shaundell Newsome Jr.


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