Portland Cop Suspended for Dumb Remarks

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A Portland Police Officer is under investigation after complaining on Twitter that he had to work late on Friday night at a Black Lives Matter March. The Police officer being suspended & under investigation is officer John Hurlman who is also a 24 year veteran!!!

It is unfortunate that one cop actions overshadow the great work of so many cops across the nation.

I do not understand why some police officers are not doing what police SHOULD be doing & that is working with the community. How are we supposed to be moving forward when we have police officers complaining & resisting change that we desperately need across the nation.

His remarks only confirm that we have a long way to to go in this movement!

Officer Hurlman even had the nerves to tweet his feelings. Here's what he tweeted-

"Black Lives Matter is planning to protest @ Lloyd Center on Black Friday. Oh joy, stuck working late again at work to babysit these fools," his message said.

I'm sorry but last I check he is on Tax payers dollars. Do your job.


Shaundell Newsome Jr.


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