Holiday Jammin'!

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Holidays are here! I know, I know the Christmas season has been shoved down our throats since the day after the Halloween! By Thanksgiving, I am fed up with the commercials & advertisement everywhere!

I don't mean to be all Bah Humbug but damn can Christmas be enjoyed when the season comes around?

With that said, I LOVE the Holiday music. I cannot get enough of the Holiday music from Motown years to the new Holiday sounds of today. There something about the great feeling it puts me in. Everytime I hear it, I just want to get really drunk off of some good ass Eggnog!

I love the Whitney Houston One Wish album, I can never get enough of the Temptations Christmas album. The one that tops them all is Destiny's Child 8 Days of Christmas!
 Yaaassss! I live for that album!

What is your favorite Holiday album/song?

Shaundell Newsome Jr.


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